Video Spotlight - Moringa - Nature's AID Therapy

“The Tree of Paradise”, “The Never Die Tree” and “The Miracle Tree” are all used to describe the wondrous Moringa Oleifera Tree.

This video looks at how Moringa is being used to help communities in the 3rd world.

The Moringa tree is truly miraculous in that one single tree can offer so many uses for people. The roots, leaves, flowers and pods are edible and it is rich in calcium, iron potassium and vitamin A.

The importance of the plants nutritional content in the 3rd world is paramount. Hundreds of thousands of people go blind in the 3rd world due to the lack of vitamin A. Moringa provides an easy and rich source that could be used to combat such a problem.

The rapid growth of the Moringa plant means that its use can be put into immediate effect with very little delay. In 2 years, a Moringa tree can grow to 20 feet from a seed.

North of Dakar, a Moringa Plantation set up by the United Methodist supported World Church Service, is being used to curb malnutrition and help those with HIV and AIDS.

The Moringa plant is proving to be an inexpensive and accessible way for poor communities to fight secondary infections and improve their diet.

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