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Insight Group PLC understands that the market not only changes, it can transform! It is therefore our priority to undertake all the necessary research in order to keep our Wealth Management Specialists and therefore our clients ahead of the rest.

Insight Group PLC has an independent Market Intelligence & Research Unit (MIRU) that supplies us with the latest research and news needed to ensure our investments are not only in demand...but profitable.

Please take the time to peruse the various Research Reports already released (or soon to be released) by the MIRU. Enjoy!

Insight Group PLC -Dubai Property Investment

Dubai Dubai: Country Profile

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Dubai is now on a steady road to recovery. The second quarter of 2011 proved this with an increase in villas in prime locations of 1% and rents by 0.7% compared to Q1. Within this report we focus on the bottoming out of the property market and how the region’s optimism is aiding in its slow but steady recovery.

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Insight Group PLC - The Republic of The Gambia

The Republic of The Gambia Category: Country Profile

A former British colony and one of the smallest nations on the globe, the Republic of The Gambia is a nation with luxuriant tropical forests, large fertile valleys, and exceptional areas of natural beauty. With over 250 million consumers in the Economic Community of West African States, Gambia is well-placed as an emerging gateway to markets in both West Africa and Europe.

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Insight Group PLC - Commodity Investments

Commodity Investments Category: Top Performers

Many of the world's key commodities have surpassed their 2008 peaks including gold, corn and copper, whilst others are still relatively undervalued namely oil and wheat. The price of Brent crude oil has risen more than 70% whilst corn has seen their price double. General consensus amongst economists is that commodity prices will gain further ground in 2011 and over the coming years, as stronger global GDP bolsters demand.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Climate Change

Climate Change Category: Topical

In recent years the scientific evidence on climate change has become clear, it is now almost accepted that in order to minimise the risk of irreversible damage to our planet and our livelihoods, we need to strive to keep the average global temperature increase below 2°C. Climate change concerns are driving increasing growth in the renewable energy industries. Some 85 countries now have targets for their own renewable energy futures.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Socially Responsible Investing

SRI Category: Topical

After some prospective years for Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), it has advanced significantly to become a mainstream in finance. SRI have grown by 13% since 2007, compared to less than 1% by mainstream assets. It is no longer seen as an area just for the ethical minded, and in the U.S. alone SRI topped $3 trillion, nearly one out of every eight dollars under professional management.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Biofuels

Biofuels Category: Topical

Biofuel is a type of alternative fuel derived from "biomass" that falls in the biogas category. In order to be considered a biofuel the fuel must contain over 80% renewable material ( Biofuels are typically made by harvesting feedstock or the raw materials (e.g. soybeans, sugarcane), crushing the feedstock, separating the dray matter from the oil, then re-crushing and/or further processing to extract as much oil as possible.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Buy-to-Let countries

Buy-to-let Countries Category: Topical

Economists predict that although home values started at a very low level in 2011, prices are expected to gradually improve during the course of the year on the back of low interest rate forecasts and real economic growth, which is expected to pick up to almost 4%, an improvement of 1, 2% compared to that of 2010. This should improve employment levels and household income and reduce the level of household debt.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Cream of Africa

The Cream of Africa Category: Top Performers

Africa's economic growth is expected to rise with 5% in 2011 and 5.1% in 2012 (World Economic Situation and Prospects Report, 2011). Some of the contributing factors are the strong rebound in commodity exports, new inflows of foreign investments, growth in the tourism industry, increased spending on infrastructure and a rapid growth in telecommunications.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Mozambique

Mozambique Category: Country Profile

The Republic of Mozambique has undergone massive liberal economic reforms, laying the groundwork for profitable investment particularly in cash crops, manufacturing, financial services and export processing. This has led to the country being regarded as one of the front-runners in the privatisation of Africa.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Turkey

Turkey Category: Country Profile

The Republic of Turkey is a country with a surplus of natural resources and there is ample opportunity for increased capacity as well as development. Tourism, construction and property continue to be key growth sectors for investment. Backed by demand which outstrips supply, the property market is the jewel in Turkeys' Investment crown.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: South Africa

South Africa Category: Country Profile

South Africa is one of the founding members of the African Union, and has the largest economy of all the members. Whilst the region has an advanced tourism market, it also exports high levels of minerals and gold, and has a successful agricultural sector which predominantly exports corn, wheat, sugar, grapes and citrus fruits.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets Category: Top Performers

As the world economies recover, a distinctive characteristic is emerging; that global economic growth is being driven by emerging, rather than developed, economies (BMI, 2010). Recovery of economic growth is proceeding at varying speeds with emerging markets outperforming the more sluggish advanced economies.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Brazil

Brazil Category: Country Profile

Brazil is the world's fifth largest country by geographical area and population. Economic reforms in the region have given the country new international recognition and boosted confidence resulting in Brazil becoming one of the fifth largest economy's in the world. Major export products include aircraft, electrical, ethanol, coffee, textiles and many more.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Brazil

Mauritius Category: Country Profile

Renowned for its economic and political stability, Mauritius is touted as the number one developing country on the African continent and is a growing investment destination. It has been heralded a development success story by the World Bank and has demonstrated positive economic growth even during the global recession.

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Chicago

Chicago Category: Country Profile

Rated as an "alpha world city", Chicago has an important role in the global economic system. It is home to 12 of the top 500 US companies, and, most importantly for investors, the city has also been rated as having the most balanced economy in the United States, due to its high level of diversification.

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