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Concurrently, the country is seeing a stable increase in agricultural foreign direct investment as it positions itself as a major biofuels producer.


The Republic of Mozambique is situated on the Indian Ocean coast of Southern Africa. Boasting stunning beaches, lush national parks and colonial era architecture, Mozambique is quickly growing to be one of the continent's top tourist destinations.

The country is also rapidly becoming an investment hotspot largely due to its economic development and political stability.

Future growth in Mozambique is being driven by its successful export market and its rich mineral and agricultural base. The export of aluminium remains dominant, but there has been a noticeable increase in commodity products, especially mineral fuels, and oils, such as palm oil and bioethanol, which is consistent with the global drive towards green energy. Mozambique is currently positioning itself as a major biofuels producer, promoting its well-priced and fertile land, as well as its attitude to foreign investment (International Trade Centre, AfriBiz, 2009).

In this report

  • Executive Summary
  • Economic History
  • The Situation Today
  • Political Environment
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Investing in the Region
  • The Outlook

Key data

  • 5.5-6% GDP growth
  • Investor confidence rating 100.9
  • US$590 million in FDI
  • 7 million hectares of land available for farming
  • Annual production of120 million gigajoules of natural gas

Recent laws have opened the door for foreign investment, creating an equal playing ground for both domestic and foreign investors. The investment opportunities which hold the most potential generally fall into the following categories: minerals and mining, bio-energy, agriculture and tourism.

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