Investment Vision 2011 Series: Buy-to-let Countries

Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Buy-to-let Countries

The buy-to-let industry had fallen off in the past years, but now thanks to economic situations coming together the market is growing. Demand will continue to be higher for years to come.

Economists predict that although home values started at a very low level in 2011, prices are expected to gradually improve during the course of the year on the back of low interest rate forecasts and real economic growth, which is expected to pick up to almost 4%, an improvement of 1, 2% compared to that of 2010 (, 2011). This should improve employment levels and household income and reduce the level of household debt.

Buy-to-let makes good financial sense, the term "Buy-to-Let" means simply the purchase and ownership of a property through normal procedure. Once completed the owner seeks to rent this property for a regular income usually exceeding annual mortgage repayments. Property rentals will remain a popular choice for many during 2011 as access to finance remains a challenge for many.

In this report

  • Executive Summary
  • Brazil, Sao Paolo
  • Indonesia, Jakarta
  • Turkey, Istanbul
  • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
  • El Salvador , San Salvador
  • Maldova, Chisinau
  • Peru, Lima

Key data

  • Home values expected to pick up with 4%
  • Sao Paulo GDP growth expected to grow by 5.1%
  • Indonesia spent 83.3% gross fixed capital formation on buildings
  • Turkey attracted $22 billion of FDI
  • GDP in Malaysia expanded 2.40% in the third quarter
  • El Salvador is rated 3rd best place for investment
  • Moldova FDI inflow is $86.0 million
  • Peru's manufacturing grew by 17.24%

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Insight Group PLC - Research Room: Buy-to-let CountriesBuy-to-let Countries


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