Investment Vision 2010 Series: Natal, Brazil

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The Brazilian economy clearly shows that Brazil is a country with great potential.

-Felipe Cavalcante, ADIT President

Natal rests on a peninsula between the Potengi River and the Atlantic Ocean in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil's Northeastern state. Natal is the state capital.

Beautiful and expansive beaches, 300 sunny days per year and average temperatures of 27 degrees centigrade. According to NASA's research, the region also enjoys the purest air quality in the world, second only to remote regions of the Antarctic. Natal can also boast being the safest city in Brazil.

The state of Rio Grande do Norte, and its capital Natal, is a significant contributor to Brazil's economic success and can be classified as "an emerging market within an emerging market". The region's energy and food production sectors are key to Brazil, as well as being renowned for its booming tourism industry and property sector.

Brazil's impressive economic performance, strong stock market, growing tourism industry and increasing foreign direct investment makes the country a highly attractive investment destination.

Natal, which leads the country's tourism growth and has a strong property market, is the number one investment location in Brazil.

In this report

  • Executive Summary
  • Economic History
  • The Situation Today
  • Political Environment
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Investing in the Region
  • The Outlook

Key data

  • 6th in the world on A.T. Kearneys FDI Confidence Index
  • Investment grade status from all 3 ratings agencies
  • Hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014
  • Hosting the Olympics in 2016

independently written by our Market Intelligence & Research Unit (MIRU) to find out more about this flourishing region.

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