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"Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) have grown by 13% since 2007, compared to less than 1% by mainstream assets"
2010 Social Investment Forum Trends Report

Renewables as a Socially Responsible Investment

Global investment in clean energy has risen by 30% year-on-year, reaching a total of $243 billion. Few companies lose money embracing renewable energy. About a fifth of 400 companies that have adopted renewable energy said that they made an ROI of 15% or higher according to Ernst & Young's latest report on SRI.

Renewables a Good Investment

Biodiesel is steadily increasing in visibility and preference over energy users all over the world because of their practicality and availability. Rising oil prices have strengthen biodiesel's already strong appeal and federal and international mandates create long-term policy and markets.


Moringa Oleifera Investment

  • Higher recovery and quality of oil than other crops which allows for lower cost processing while producing the highest grade of Biodiesel and Glycerine by-product
  • No direct competition with food crops as it is an edible source of fuel
  • No direct competition with farm-land as it can be grown for both purposes at the same time and it thrives on land where most agricultural produce would not survive
  • 14.5% minimum yearly Return on Investment
  • Return paid in less than 18 months

Moringa Project

Research Report:
Socially Responsible Investments