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"The buy-to-let industry has fallen off in the past years but now thanks to economic situations coming together, such as constricted lending, tax increases, and public spending cuts the market is growing."

Property rental will remain a popular choice during 2011 as access to finance remains a challenge. This means a high demand and good returns for those who have invested wisely in buy-to-let properties. Countries that emerged as some of the leading buy-to-let markets include El Salvador, Moldova, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil and Turkey. We take a closer look at Turkey, a dynamic country equipped with a network of well-developed infrastructure, that has remained an attractive investment for purchasers looking to catch an emerging market that not only weathered the global financial crisis, but came out on top.

Introducing Turkey

Turkey is becoming the go-to destination for the European middle class. It has been named the top pick for real estate investment worldwide in 2011 (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2011). Speculators are expecting a 'buy-to-let explosion' in the Turkish real estate market over the coming year, as investors particularly look to get in before Turkey joins the EU and prices go up (

Belfry Drive Apartments, Five Star Golfing Luxury

  • One and two bed luxury apartments
  • Overlooks Vita Park Golf Course
  • Just 15 mins drive from central Bodrum
  • Five star amenities
  • Sea views
  • Suits armchair and lifestyle investors

Why Invest?

  • Low entry-level from just £12,015
  • 5% rental guarantee for 2 years
  • Simple cash-flowed build payments
  • Short-term exit of 4 years
  • Minimum £30k profit projected
  • Demand for luxury accommodation outweighs supply
  • Rental market in Bodrum is booming.

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Belfry Drive Apartments