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"Economic indicators all point to the tremendous
business opportunities in Africa"
Richard Essex, East Africa Capital Partners

Investing in the African Continent

Africa's economic growth is expected to expand by 5% in 2011 and 5.1% in 2012 (World Economic Situation and Prospects Report, 2011). Some of the contributing factors are the strong rebound in commodity exports, new inflows of foreign investments and growth in the tourism industry. Countries that have shown an enormous amount of growth include: Gambia, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique and Ethiopia. Mozambique's economic growth rates have been amongst the highest in the world and we explore the investment possibilities the country has to offer.

Introducing Moringa Oleifera in Mozambique

Moringa is a source of both biofuel and food. The Moringa tree is in no direct competition with food crops as it is an edible source of fuel and is in no competition with farm land as it is grown for food and fuel at the same time. The Moringa plantation in Mozambique has been set up for the production of biofuel to produce more sustainable biodiesel feedstock that will harvest both food and fuel.

Mozambique: An African Success Story

Mozambique is endowed with abundant natural resources and many opportunities exist for investors. The country has positioned itself as a major biofuels producer and according to the Biodiesel Magazine, the country is developing a biofuels industry with the hope of contributing to 15% of the national fuel consumption in the next five years.

The Investment

  • Land Price: USD $1,750 per hectare
  • Once-off Plantation Payment (May 11'):
    USD $970
  • Once-off Trade Payment (Nov 11'): USD $530
  • 14.5% minimum yearly Return on Investment
  • Return paid in less than 18 months
  • 50-year lease
  • Global energy company agreed to purchase seeds post-harvest for biofuels production.

Research Report:
The Cream of Africa

Moringa Project