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"By 2020, 20 per cent of Europe's energy has to come from
green and renewable sources such as biofuels"
Richard Yong, CEO, Biofuels Asia

Investing in Biofuels

Due to current market conditions, investors are seeking alternative asset classes and green, environmental investments have given investors the commercial advantage in the market place.

Investing in the Biofuels industry is a long term, viable and beneficial investment. According to Biofuels Asia "Biofuels are expected to increase between 20 and 30 per cent annually in the next decade".

Why Biofuels are Green and getting Greener

  • Biofuels significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuels
  • Biofuels provide food and energy from the same crop
  • Biofuels are a low-carbon fuel for a low-carbon future
  • Biodiesel is more biodegradable than conventional diesel
  • Biofuels drive increasingly sustainable agriculture
  • Biofuels contribute to social and economic development to local communities



Moringa as Biofuel

The Moringa Oleifera is a rapidly-growing and drought resistant tree, all parts of the Moringa are edible and can be used for oil fibre medicine, water purification and the Moringa seeds are used as a source of second generation biodiesel.

With a higher recovery rate and quality of oil than other crops, no direct competition with food crops (as it is an edible source of fuel and does not suffer the toxicity issues of other sources such as Jatropha), and no direct competition with existing farmland (as it can be grown for both purposes at the same time); this multi-dimensional tree is already being grown for this purpose in a number of countries.

Moringa Project Brochure

Mozambique Research Report

Top tips for becoming Green and Environmentally Friendly

  • Buy re-usable or rechargeable batteries - it will not only save you money but will preserve the environment
  • Use biodegradable products - they will not litter the environment
  • Plant trees - Trees help reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide
  • Use biodegradable products - they will waste away and disintegrate easily and naturally
  • Selling off unwanted and used electricals - parts can be used as spares and it will save landfill, where most of it goes
  • Unplug electronics - As long as they're plugged in they continue to draw power, even when they're off or not charging anything
  • Recycle glass – if you do not then it will take millions of years to decompose
  • Use natural products – they are good for the environment because they need minimum manufacturing