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"Initial results confirm the drought tolerance of Moringa and especially the quick growth rate. Positive results in terms of yields will lead to real landscape changes and the production of large, continuous and reliable quantities of biodiesel."

Moringa, Sustainable Biodiesel

What separates the Moringa Oleifera tree from other biomass foodstocks is by far the invaluable effects it has on humans. The leaves, roots and pods are edible and are being used worldwide to aid in the combat against malnutrition in developing countries.

The biodiesel made from Moringa is also believed to have better oxidative stability than biodiesel made with most other feedstocks – including Jatropha whose toxicity has led to many turning their backs on the crop.

This is why Insight Group PLC are pioneering the biofuels investment market with our latest project –
The Moringa Tree; Mozambique.

The Investment

  • Land price: USD $1,750 per hectare
  • Once-off Plantation Payment (May 11): USD $970
  • Once-off Trade Payment (Nov 11): USD $530
  • 14.5% minimum yearly Return on Investment
  • Return paid in less than 18 months
  • 50-year lease
  • Global energy company agreed to purchase seeds post-harvest for biofuels production.

Moringa Project Brochure

Mozambique Research Report

How it Works

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Insight Group PLC

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With offices also located in the financial hubs of Chicago, Singapore, Seychelles and Gibraltar; and the property hotspot of Marbella Spain; Insight Group PLC is perfectly positioned to provide clients with various prospects and expertise unsurpassed in today's marketplace.

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Properties of Moringa Oil Processed as Biodiesel:

  • Iodine number better than that of regular diesel, indicating fuel stability
  • A cetane number indicating good ignition behaviour
  • A cold filter plugging point indicating suitability even in winter.

Moringa Nutritional Benefits:

  • (Moringa) has seven times the vitamin C in oranges
  • Four times the calcium in milk
  • Four times the vitamin A in carrots
  • Twice the protein in milk
  • Three times the potassium in bananas.

Philippine Bureau of Plant Industry, 2010