12 March 2012

Dubai property market experiencing progress
During January and February this year the real estate transactions have increased in both quantity and value that is when compared to the same ......

11 March 2012

Dubai property prices ranked amid the fastest rising
According to the international residential and commercial property consultants Knight Frank, the real estate market in Dubai is not merely......

29 February 2012

China developing fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in airline industry
According to the deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Li Jian, it is anticipated that China will use 12 million metric tons ......

29 February 2012

Renewable policy research supported by China
China has been making enormous advancements in improving their renewable energy capacity, particularly in the wind and solar......

22 February 2012

Dubai apartments viewed as an investment opportunity
According to Cluttons, GCC nationals invest in Dubai’s property market on the bases of a principle that an apartment is for an investment ......

21 February 2012

Top real estate communities see recovery in Dubai
According to experts the residential real estate sector of Dubai is expected to see most evident recovery in the following communities; ......

21 February 2012

Dubai population growth increases confidence
The latest figures that were released this week has indicate a rapid growth in the population of Dubai, the volume of individuals living in Dubai has grown by 5.1 per cent .....

17 February 2012

An optimistic outlook for the Dubai Property Market
It is claimed that a residential property in Dubai will receive a boost during 2012 from an added positive economic outlook and better employment......

15 February 2012

Dubai aims to achieve a growth of 4.5 pct. in 2012
A senior economic official stated on Wednesday 15 February 2012, that Dubai’s objective for economic growth for 2012 will be 4.5 per cent; ......

09 February 2012

Iran returns to renewable energy
According to the Iran’s energy minister, on-going international oil sanctions may force Iran to increase their current investments in the renewable......

05 February 2012

The residential market of Dubai demonstrates stability
Dubai’s real estate market presented a clear uncertainty at the end of 2011, even though stability could be found in some areas,......

03 February 2012

Dubai a top property investment city
The latest research has placed positive emphasis on Dubai’s property market, affirming it as one of the world’s most attractive investments. ......

25 January 2012

Iran sanctions boosts demand for Dubai luxury homes
A sudden increase of wealthy Iranians have been purchasing luxury houses in Dubai, this a result of the accumulation of international ......

24 January 2012

Positive progress in the UAE's job market lead by growing economy
According to a report published by the UAE’s top executive recruiters, Gulf Recruitment Group, the UAE’s job market . ......

24 January 2012

Property company's profit boosts Dubai's stock market
Dubai’s stock market was headed by the property companies on the 23 January 2012, according to Majid Al Futtaim Holding their profits . ......

19 January 2012

Miscanthus Giganteus proven to hold enormous potential as an alternative energy source
The search for alternative energy has begun due to the global distress that the world’s energy supply is running . ......

19 January 2012

BP foretells that renewable growth will surpass that of fossil fuels
According to BP PLC (BP/) wind power, solar electricity and biofuels consumption will experience. ...... read more

18 January 2012

Dubai property prices up by 1.09%
The latest figures by the index showed that the average property prices in Dubai have increased by 1.09% in December 2011. ...... read more

13 January 2012

Biomass has the potential to surpass other renewable energy sources
The chief executive of a Pakistani non-governmental organisation (NGO) stated at the World Future Energy Summit 2012 in Abu Dhabi, ...... read more

10 January 2012

A greener start to the year with 2012 bioenergy scheme for willow and miscanthus
The launch of the 2012 Bioenergy Scheme was announced by Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Agriculture. Food and the Marine, the ......

09 January 2012

German airline concludes biofuel trial
German airline Lufthansa will be concluding its six – month biofuel trial with its first biofuel-powered transatlantic flight, between Frankfurt......

06 January 2012

Cluttons anticipates additional maturing of UAE real estate market in 2012
According to a new report from real estate consultants Cluttons, we can expect the residential property markets...... read more

03 January 2012

A positive 2012 outlook for Dubai property market
The Dubai Lands Department has presented figures that have shown there to have been a substantial increase in sales, when analysing ...... read more

02 January 2012

Dubai "investment map" to help investor decision-making
The centre for Managing and Encouraging Property Investment is drawing up an “investment map” for the real estate sector..... read more

27 December 2011

UAE property market ready to restore
According to Shuaa Capital, the UAE property market has lost approx. Dh734 billion (US$199.9bn) in value since the market saw its peak in 2008. ...... read more

20 December 2011

The Gambia realises economic growth
The real Gross Domestic Growth in The Gambia has picked up by 6 per cent in the past 3 years, contributing to the economic performance ......

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