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Dubai "investment map" to help investor decision-making

The centre for Managing and Encouraging Property investment is drawing up an “investment map” for the real estate sector.

The centre for managing and encouraging property investment ( the investment section of the Dubai’s Land and Property Department ) is currently busy drawing up an “investment map” which will be released in the next few weeks. The map will offer investors guidance in relation to Dubai’s massive real estate sector, the objective of which is to attract more capital and also aid investors in their decision making process.

Majida Rashid, the centre’s director, said

“This map is designed to upgrade the competitiveness of the national economy at regional and global levels and attract local and foreign investors and businessmen who seek to enter the emirate’s real estate market but do not have sufficient information to manage their assets in a way that will ensure an added value for them and for the market as well.”

The map is also said to include a package of special investment opportunities in the real estate sector and a list of projects with “varied uses and specifications.”

    “This map will be like a comprehensive investment guide for any investor wishing to enter the property market…that is why the list does not include just any project but only those which meet certain terms and specifications” according to Rashid

He also stated that this map will generally focus on the property projects, which contain specific prerequisites; these include sophisticated infrastructure, proximity of transport facilities such as airports, metro and other land transport means, the reputation of development firms and the fact that any project must be free of any obstacles or challenges.


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