Miscanthus Giganteus is an ideal biomass crop because it is non-invasive, drought resistant and pest resistant

-Biomass Magazine,
April 2011

Investment gambia miscanthus biofuel graph

Investment gambia miscanthus biofuel graph

Investment gambia miscanthus biofuel graph

BIO E-GRASS™ is tipped to be the highest yielding biomass project on the investment market today.

Operated by leading private investment company Insight Group PLC, this government backed project will produce a staggering 500 hectares of the large warm-season perennial grass and leading biomass crop in the United States – Miscanthus Giganteus.

Whilst many have believed Corn and other grasses such as Switchgrass to be the largest yield generating crops available, Miscanthus Giganteus has been behind the scenes producing more than 2 ½ times the ethanol of corn and yielding 2-4 times more dried tonnes than Switchgrass.

Used primarily for combustion in power plants due to its low water and ash contents and high energy output to input ratio, Miscanthus Giganteus can be burned to produce heat and steam for power turbines. Furthermore, when combined in a 50-50% mixture with coal, it can be used in some current coal-burning power plants without modifications.

The crop's high yields, low year-on-year maintenance and its 20-year lifespan have catapulted Miscanthus Giganteus up the biomass ladder making it top of mind for governments and organisations within the EU who need to contribute to the EU targets including 20% energy consumption derived from renewable sources by 2020.

Furthermore, our commitment to the local community will see Gambians significantly benefit through the plantation of rice fields. Our Project Team will be working hand-in-hand with the Government to oversee the distribution of harvested food matter to the workers and villages in most need; ensuring our 'foot print' in Africa is ethical and socially responsible.

Project brochure

Investment bio e-grass gambia miscanthus brochure

Download a copy of the project brochure to find out more about this unique investment opportunity.


Research report

Investment bio e-grass gambia miscanthus brochure

Download the report on Gambia, from our Market Intelligence & Research Unit.


Miscanthus Giganteus

  • Fastest growing and highest yielding biomass feedstock
  • Perennial grass that will continue to grow for up to 20 years
  • Grows on barren land i.e. no competition with food-crops
  • Absorbs as much carbon as is released when burnt

The Investment

  • Entry Land Price:
    USD $1,850
  • One-off Plantation Payment (Nov 11'):
    USD $1,600
  • 15-year lease
  • First return of 13% paid in less than 18 months
  • Annual projected returns min $1,280 from year 3 for up to 15 years.

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Why Gambia?


Why Miscanthus Giganteus?


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