Investment bio e-grass gambia miscanthus brochureCurrently a leading biomass crop in the United States and in Europe, Miscanthus Giganteus is a large warm-season perennial grass that has received widespread attention as a biomass crop.

The main feature distinguishing Miscanthus Giganteus from other biomass crops is its high lignocellulose yields. Studies in the United States revealed that Miscanthus Giganteus yields two to four times more than the more familiar crop: Switchgrass.

Miscanthus Giganteus grows in such a way that the number of stems per rhizome doubles, if not triples, year-on-year until saturation point at approximately 6 years.

After the second year, the first harvest can take place and is expected to produce in the vicinity of 5 to 10 MT/ha (Energy Solutions, 2009).

By the third year, Miscanthus Giganteus can produce between 10 -13 MT/ha, increasing to 16 - 20 MT/ha by year 6. Good plant spacing and site choice are both major factors in determining potential yield (Miscanthus Best Practice Guidelines, 2010).


Feedstocks Yields

Biomass feedstock Glucan % Xylan % Theoretical ethanol yield* Real ethanol yield*
Corn stover 36.1 21.4 105 89
Switchgrass 35.0 21.8 104 88
Sugarcane bagasse 38.6 20.4 108 92
Poplar 43.8 14.9 107 91
Aspen wood 44.8 14.9 109 98
Miscanthus 46.0 19.8 120 102
*gal/ton (Mendel Biotechnology, 2009)

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