Social Responsiblity & Ethical Investing

Our commitment to Mozambique

In addition to creating hundreds of jobs, and in line with our responsibilities and commitment to the region of Mozambique, all produce (other than the seeds sold) will be donated to the workers, local villages, aid organisations and charities.

This will equate to approximately 600 Metric Tons of 'green matter' per hectare which research indicates will aid dramatically in the fight against severe malnutrition in the region.

According to Trees for Life, a US-based charity, Moringa leaves provide unrivalled nutritional value when compared to other crops. In fact, Moringa produces 350% more Vitamin A than carrots, over 7 times the Vitamin C value of oranges, in excess of 3 times the calcium content of cow's milk, nearly 3 times as much potassium as bananas and more than double the protein of yoghurt!

All products must meet our core values


Insight Group PLC - Social Responsiblity & Ethical Investing

Insight values both the needs of the investor as well as those of the local communities where our projects are based.

With this in mind, an integral factor in our project planning and development is a verifiable local community plan that clearly enhances and advances the standard of living of the local communities. We equally do not believe in destroying natural resources nor using food-growing lands for commercial gains, whatever the profit available in doing so.

To this end, we ensure that our projects benefit the environment, providing added value from top to bottom.


Insight Group PLC - Social Responsiblity & Ethical Investing

Insight believes in renewability – hence our interest in projects that serve sustainable needs such as food supply, biodiesel production and nutritional supplements rather than sporadic and transitional 'boom' market opportunities.


Insight believe in diversification outside of the standard vein of investment opportunities available. This is clearly illustrated in our interest in Vineyards, Biofuels and Mineral Exploration, as well as affordable housing and forestry for carbon offsetting purposes.


Insight scours the globe, not only to identify profitable opportunities, but also to find investment security that gives confidence to our clients.

To this end, we ensure that all opportunities are housed and structured under UK Law (offering additional protection) and that all opportunities offer contractually guaranteed returns.

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